Meet Katrina

‘I believe that better humans make better leaders’ – Jerry Colonna 

Hello there leader!

I’m Katrina.

After more than 20 years in education as a teacher and school leader, I one day found myself sitting in the car park outside work, holding back tears and being comforted by a dear friend.  ‘I’ll be ok’ I reassured her, ‘ I’m going to put on my armour and head in to work’. As I spoke the words ‘Put on my armour…’, I heard the small voice in my heart ask:  ‘Is that really how you want to be?’ 

And in that moment I realised, I was not at all the human or the leader that I wanted to be. Suddenly, simply knowing what I didn’t want, was enough to propel me forward into a leadership journey of discovering and defining what I did want. 

I’m passionate about empowering leaders to show up as the very best version of themselves and to inspire others to do the same. I want our education systems and our world to be filled with leaders who are courageous, curious, reflective, humble humans. 

When it comes to Katrina the human…

I live in Melbourne with my partner and our collection of adopted fur-babies. I’m holding on fiercely to my long-held dream of one day living on a country property that is home to a small herd of goats!  

I’m definitely a work in progress. Just like the leaders I coach and the teachers I teach, everyday I roll up my sleeves and dive into the messiness of showing up as my best self. Some days I shine at being my best self and  on other days I’m constantly starting over. 

I’ve learned a lot from working on my own challenges around setting boundaries, believing in myself, overcoming perfectionism and learning to like myself, but some of my greatest learning comes from the people I work with. Each one shows me that we all have untapped potential within us – sometimes we  just need some help to believe in ourselves and to step forward with confidence.  

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