Last year a colleague said to me, in fact she has said it to me on more than one occasion over the years, ‘Wherever you go, there you are’.

What I think she means by that is no matter where you go, you and your personality, your filters, your habits and tendencies are going to show up. 

When I was a deputy principal, I was so often the duck on the water, you know that duck: gliding smooth and unflustered above the surface, but underneath paddling like crazy – that was me. 

My unhelpful habits were the stories I told myself. I thought I needed to have it all under control, know what was going on and avoid making mistakes – can you imagine the paddling that was going on with that kind of mindset and those kinds of stories?

Nowadays I’m running my own coaching practice, but last year I ended up back in the same place. My old habits started to come through again, those stories about perfectionism and habits of taking on too much. 

As leaders we are not immune to unhelpful habits, unhelpful stories and unrealistic expectations. All imperfect humans have them and as leaders, we too are imperfect humans.   

Remember, wherever you go, there you are.

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