How are you doing? I know it’s an incredibly unsettled time. 

Last week, I had more than 20 coaching conversations. Guess what came up in every one of them? Uncertainty and a desire to know: these were the themes of nearly every conversation I had last week. 

Right now, most of the world can probably relate to that, we couldn’t be more uncertain and as humans, we feel uncomfortable with that. Our brain feels safe when it knows what’s happening and what comes next. The truth is we don’t know what’s going to happen and as a result, we are limited in what we prepare and what we can do. The message I took from my wise teacher Jerry Colonna today was that all we can do is know how we want to show up in these times of uncertainty. 

And so I invite you to get clear on how you want to show up. Focus on knowing that and being that. When you focus on being the best leader and human you can be, you are of great service to others. When you consistently act in alignment with your values, with compassion and empathy and a willingness to listen and be curious, you provide certainty and stability for others. Remember that leaders are not fearless. They feel fear and discomfort, and yet, they courageously show up as the best they can be for themselves and others. 

Go courageously and kindly. We need leaders just like you.

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