I once spent two days at a truly excellent Dare to Lead workshop, digging deep into courageous leadership. After two intense days, I was overflowing with insights and ideas that I want to apply to myself and share with others.

The workshop challenged me to uncover some of the deeply held thoughts and beliefs I have that hold me back from showing up, from being brave and from taking risks. 

I thought I was tuned in to my inner voice – I mean, I teach this stuff! But I discovered that I was only hearing a fraction of what was going on! Since day one of the workshop I’ve been deeply tuned in to my inner voice and am amazed at how many versions of the ‘I’m not enough’ story it speaks to me. 

Today I’m inviting you to revisit your inner voice and the stories you tell yourself.

To start with, I encourage you to catch your inner voice when you find yourself holding back from doing or saying something. As well, catch it when you feel your body send you a warning sign. My body’s warning signs include tense shoulders, clenched jaw, churning belly, shaky legs, thumping heartbeat. 

What you may discover is that you have had the inner dialogue and warning signs for so long that you have gotten used to them and don’t hear or notice them much anymore. You might like to check out the table below which can help you begin to tune into the stories you tell yourself.

I’m inviting you to gently and kindly begin the work of re-training your inner voice to speak from a place of courage. Not only that, I’m cheering you on and I’m right here doing the work beside you.  

I know the world needs more courageous, imperfect, self-aware leaders and I’m batting for you and I to step up and be that!

Go well this week, be brave, be kind to yourself and above all, dare to lead!

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