I got on the road during peak hour this morning, it was busy as hell, cold, wet and grey.  Pretty quickly my stress levels began to rise.

As I sat waiting to enter the freeway I was taken back to the final year of my previous career:

sitting on this exact bridge,

watching traffic inch along,

seeing drivers push in, honk their horns and shake their fists,

and some days,

joining in; lashing out at other drivers with my own frustration and anger


Time to do all the things you love

The stress I felt in those days was hideous. I felt like I had no choice, I wanted to just stay in bed and hide under the covers but I knew no-one else would do my job and there would just be more work waiting for me. So, I’d force myself out the door and off to work.

I desperately wanted a job that would let me have a life. One where I would have time to do all the things I loved, the simple things like taking a walk on the beach, reading a book, catching up with friends.


Feeling stuck?

When you feel stuck, when you feel like you have no choice, and when you wish desperately for things to be different: you are in Stress-ville. No doubt about it.

If you’re in Stress-ville right now, I’m sorry and I feel for you.

It’s shit.

But you don’t have to stay there forever.


You can get outta Stress-ville

Believe me when I tell you that life can be lighter. You can have energy and eagerness for each day. It’s possible to be excited about doing the work that you really want to do, work that lights you up and lets you feel like you are truly making a difference.


Keeping it real

This isn’t one of those ‘I made it and so can you’ stories.

It’s the true story of the women I work with one to one. They come to me from Stress-ville and together we create the life that they really want to be living.

We keep it real. Real strategies and proven methods for change. Real and honest conversations about what’s holding them back. Real discoveries of their strengths, challenges, and talents. Real, life-changing results.


Leave Stress-ville behind

If you wish you could bring about changes in your life, if you are desperate to leave Stress-ville behind and create the life you long to live, you have come to the right place lady!


I am an expert in helping women achieve life-changing results.


Let’s get the conversation started

What would you most like to change about your life right now? Let me know in the comments or PM me if you prefer.

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