There are a sequence of stances in yoga called Warrior.

They look kind of simple, but if you attempt them, you’ll find your body actually works really hard to maintain the posture.
A bit like being a human at times. Or a leader.

What I love about warrior stance is its strength. In the pose, both feet are firmly and strongly planted to hold you stable, but your arms, your heart and upper body are open. The feet keep you grounded and allow you to remain aligned and draw up strength and stability into your upper body.
So leader, as you embark upon this new year, are you open to playing and dancing with the warrior stance?

If you aspire to be a human who invites and inquires, who values curiosity and learning, then openness is vital. But you’ll also need warrior strength – not to be aggressive or to overpower people – but to stand on your own sacred ground; to be open to others but also to remain aligned with, and stay true to your values.  The buddhists call this way of being ‘Strong back, soft front’.

Go well warrior, and remember that no-one holds their posture perfectly; you will wobble, you’ll tire, you’ll hold on too tight and sometimes you’ll fall over. But you’ll also have moments where you relax into it, feel strong, and are ready to push to the next level.
Just like being a human. And a leader.

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