It seems like this year, there has been more to get done, in a shorter time frame and with a higher degree of pressure. Or at least that’s been a recurring topic of conversation recently amongst my colleagues, my clients and my friends.

And of course, when time gets scarce what’s the first thing to fall off the to-do list? Ourselves. We tend to sleep a little less, eat a little worse, exercise sporadically and of course beat ourselves up for all of it!

So in an effort to get my brain on board and helping me to succeed, I’ve changed my language and the way I think about doing those self care practices that are so easy to let go of. Rather than talking about my morning ‘routine’ or ‘having’ to fit in some exercise or saying I ‘should’ read more, I’ve stayed focused on my daily leadership intention: to courageously show up as the best version of myself and to help others to do the same.

It turns out that in order to be the best version of myself there are certain things that really help. You see, I’m in my head a lot and I’m caught up in ‘doing’ a lot. So for me, time to slow down, reflect, and simply ‘be’ are essential. The cup-filling practices of yoga, meditation, reading, exercise and journaling are what keep me on track to being my best self.

I commit to honouring those practices which help me to show up as the best version of me.

That’s it. That’s the language and the mindset change all rolled into one. And it’s made a difference. My calendar used to say ‘Morning Routine’ each day, but I’ve changed it to ‘Honour my Practices’. It’s a simple language shift but there’s a whole package of thinking and commitment behind it.

And now, what about you? What are those practices that help you show up as your best self? And will you commit to honouring them regularly? What might be different if you did?

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