Finding the Gap

I met an inspirational woman this week – let’s call her Diana. She is an ordinary person, just like you and me. What makes Diana inspirational is the way she fills her own cup every day without feeling guilty or selfish about it.

Diana works and has two young school-aged children. Every weekday she has one hour to herself between finishing work and picking up her kids from school. Do you know what she does in that one precious hour? Grocery shopping? Preparing dinner? A load of washing? Nope, none of that.

She reads her book.

I know! It’s so simple right? But how many of us, given a free hour every day, would use it to do ‘stuff’, in the hope of getting ahead on our to-do list?

Not Diana. So committed is she to her daily self-care that she tells me she gets through about 2 books a week!

And here’s why Diana is so committed: she sees that it makes a difference. When the kids get home she is with them, and she is her best self. She isn’t cranky or nagging at them to ‘hurry up’. She isn’t wishing they’d go to bed early so that she can have time for herself. Because… she’s already made time for herself!!


Diana has found the gap in her day and she is using it to her full advantage. It’s not costing her anything and in fact, it’s having a great impact on not just her but her whole family.

You may not have a one hour gap in your day . It might be 10 minutes. There might be a few 10-minute gaps. Find the gaps. Use them wisely.

Instead of filling your gaps with doing, try using them to fill your own cup.


Five great ways to fill the gap

  1. Turn off all noise, close your eyes and breathe.
  2. Sit outside for lunch or tea-break.
  3. Take a nap.
  4. Read.
  5. Draw, write, colour, whatever gets your creativity crackling

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