How has your year begun? Have you set yourself a challenge, a resolution or some goals? Are you clear on how you will show up?

I know, I know, it’s February! Surely the time for setting goals has come and gone?

Rubbish! Who says? Who says you ‘should’ set goals on January 1?
Set your goals when you want to I say!  Just make them meaningful, inspiring and powerful for you.

How will you Show Up?

Personally, I’m not a New Year resolution maker: I’ve had waaaaay too many failed attempts at them!  But, in the quiet and slow time between Christmas and New Year’s Day, something I do find helpful is to ask myself: ‘How do I want to show up this year?’

I generally come up with one or two words or phrases or images that define the sort of me I want to focus on being and growing into.  This year I’ve decided on:

  1. Trust
  2. Embracing the suck of vulnerability and doing it anyway (It’s a Brene Brown phrase – I’ll share more about it with you later this year!)
  3. Owning my leadership roles

Set Yourself Up For Success

How you set yourself up for success and growth in this new year doesn’t really matter – choose a framework or process that suits you.  And whether you set yourself up in January or February or even March, doesn’t really matter.

What matters, I think, is that you do something to set yourself up. Successful leaders are mindful, self-aware learners. They set themselves goals and then work deliberately, consciously, curiously and with great self-compassion toward achieving them.

If you want to be the best version of yourself this year, I encourage you to get clear on what that will look like and what it might require of you this year.

Get Clear with these Tips

  • frame your intentions in the positive. That means stay away from words like: ‘stop…’ ‘give up…’
  • spend time thinking about and visualising the end result – your brain likes to know and see what it’s working toward.
  • use words/language/images that inspire you and are meaningful to you – no-one else needs to make sense of your intentions
  • keep revisiting, refining, adding depth to and re-setting your intentions … all year long…
  • be kind to yourself, have fun, acknowledge your achievements

And finally, when you are clear on how you want to show up this year, why not drop me a line and let me know?

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