Does the Christmas season fill you with anticipation and delight or are you more likely to clench your jaw and feel the tension rise?

That’s the idea of course; marketers and retailers want us to be fearful that we’ll run out of time and, as a result, buy more than we need to, fuelled by panic and a fear that we might not have ‘enough’.

Thankfully, you don’t have to buy into the Christmas frenzy, the busy, busy, busy energy or the race against the clock to get everything done before Christmas.


If you’re ready to create a different type of Christmas spirit, then read on, I’m sharing three simple and life-changing strategies for keeping it together in the lead up to Christmas.  Make these habits part of your day and bring the peace, love and joy back to your Christmas season.


1. Claim the Day

I’m sorry to say it but the panic, the haste, the fear that we don’t have enough gifts; or good enough gifts, the worry about running out of time, the fear that we might not measure up and the worry about what others might say about us, is mostly created by us! We buy into it. We believe our unhelpful thoughts and we create stress, worry and panic for ourselves.


The good news is that we can create a different experience for ourselves and those around us.


Try this:  Each morning before even getting out of bed, Decide how you are going to be for the day. Claim the Day: choose just one word: patient, calm, peaceful, efficient, organised, friendly, etc. Visualise for a moment about how you will look and sound during the day when you are being that. Commit to your word of the day.  During the day, check in regularly on how you are going and re-set if necessary.


2. Breathe and Be Mindful

Breathing out is the body’s natural ‘slow down’ system.


Try this:: Use a long slow breath out to slow your heart rate down or to quieten down the whirlwind of things to-do running through your mind. Use as many slow, long breaths as you need to. One of the great things about this strategy is that you can do it anywhere and no-one will even notice.

Use these breaths as a mindful preparation too. Before entering an end of year ‘event’ take a few slow breaths to bring yourself into the moment. If you’ve made the choice to attend the event then you want to enjoy it and be present with the people you meet, not running through a list of ‘what to do next’ in your mind.


3.Fill your own cup

Now, don’t take this strategy too literally; I am not encouraging you to keep filling your glass with sherry as you make the trifle!  

Filling your own cup is about taking time to replenish your internal energy tank,  and you can top up your own cup daily in simple, practical ways.   


Try this:  

  • Take 5 minutes to sit outside and feel the sun on your back
  • Stop and sit down to eat your lunch
  • Phone a friend
  • Turn off all ‘noise’ around you and sit quietly for a few moments


These are simple strategies for being self-aware and making active choices.


Consistency is key. I recommend that to begin with, you choose just one strategy to work on.  Give it a go and enjoy the presence!

Have a wonderful Christmas and Holiday Season  

Katrina xx

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