This week I had some deep and insightful conversations with leaders who are beginning the journey to what I call ‘Mapping’ their Sacred Ground. That means that amongst other things, they are getting intentional about defining the leader they aspire to be or in simpler terms: how they want to show up

Getting clear on your vision for yourself as a leader is not a one-and-done job, and therefore it’s not only for new leaders, it’s for all of us. 

When’s the last time you asked yourself:

‘How do I want to show up this year?’
‘How do I want to show up today?’
‘How do I want to show up in this moment?’ 

In a role where it feels as though you are constantly in motion, and everyone seems to want a piece of you, carving out time to get clear on the leader you want to be can be a challenge.

Business guru Jim Collins wrote about organisations that Great performance is about 1% vision and 99% alignment. 

I reckon we can apply Jim’s brilliance to school leaders as well. 

If we want to make things happen, then we start with getting clear on how we want to show up as a leader – that’s our vision, the 1%

What about the other 99%, the alignment? I reckon to get that going we could first focus on these couple of steps: 

Step One: Getting super-clear on what it would look like, feel like and sound like, to show up as the leader we say we want to be.  

Being really specific is important here as it allows us to identify clear actions, and perhaps even language that will help us stay aligned. These clear words and actions can also become indicators that we can assess ourselves against. 

Step Two: Making regular time to check-in on how we are doing in regards to those indicators we got so specific about in Step 1. 

So leader, how do you want to show up? Oooooh I’d love to know! If you courageously carve out time to articulate your vision and your alignment indicators, would you share them with me? I’d love to see them and support you in your work.  


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