Relax your gaze. 

Do you remember the Magic Eye pictures? Colourful images that contained a secondary, hidden image that magically revealed itself when you looked at it just right. 

When I was younger we had a Magic Eye book and I so desperately wanted to be able to see the 3D images. Try as I might I just couldn’t get it and I’d throw the book aside in exasperation. At one stage I was convinced we had the dud book – the only copy in the world that didn’t work! To me that was the only explanation, I’d been trying so hard, for so long, that it just didn’t seem right that I couldn’t see the hidden image in the picture. 

I remember when I finally saw my first Magic Eye pic. It was years later and I was sitting in a Chinese restaurant in London waiting for take away. A framed magic eye picture hung on the wall (yep, it was a pretty classy place!). There I was, hungry, tired – probably cold – and leaning against the wall, when the image just popped out at me! 

It turns out I could see the pictures, there wasn’t something wrong with me or with our childhood copy of Magic Eye. I just needed to stop trying so hard. Once I relaxed, a hidden 3D world opened up to me. 

You know what else I discovered about magic eye pictures? Once you ‘get your eye in’ the picture just keeps getting clearer, you can look around the whole image and see it in greater detail. It really is magical!

You know there’s an invitation here don’t you? 

Relax your gaze. 

When you can’t see the connection, when you are trying desperately hard to find your way, find a solution, understand what or why something occurred, or even trying to figure out your purpose or the meaning of life; Stop. Soften. Relax your gaze. Stop looking so hard. Allow the picture and its details to emerge.

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