Can I tell you what’s on my mind right now? Recovery.

Teachers and leaders have been telling me for weeks that they are feeling torn. They want to be back onsite; in front of their students in real-life and not on a screen, but at the same time they are not looking forward to term four and all that will be required of them.

At the very best of times, educators spend part of the term three holidays telling themselves stories about term four and how crazy busy it will be. This year, those stories are nightmares: wondering what will be expected, worried about all that we as teachers and leaders will try and jam in, and unsure how we’ll ever get it all done. On top of that there is still plenty of uncertainty around what school will actually look like.

Leader, here’s what I know: we have made it this far. We have worked onsite, offsite, online and on dwindling supplies of energy and motivation. I know that whatever term four brings, we will make it work, we’ll complete what is required of us and we will do our very best to make sure the students have a memorable and meaningful last quarter of the year. And we will be spent by the end of it.

So please, when term three ends for you, make time and space to recover.

This two week break is the only extended chunk of time you’ll get before Christmas. Make the most of it and craft your own restoration.

Whilst it’s tempting to lie on the couch and binge Netflix, don’t make that your whole break; because it’s not just recovery from term three that you need, you also need to replenish your energy for term four.

So this break period, make time to rest, take the time to create and enjoy healthy, nourishing food and please, get a quality sleep every night. These are acts of genuine self-care. They will help you recover from what you have been through and help to prepare you physically and mentally for term four.

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