This work is very, very important and it’s so much more than just everyone feeling good.

 Julie Corsaletti Principal, St Lawrence Primary School


It all began when a school principal said to me:

We want to help staff with their wellbeing, is that something you do? 

That question resulted in a collaboration that continues to this day and that has shaped and informed an approach to staff wellbeing that I am incredibly proud to offer to schools. 


This distinctive approach draws on the latest research from positive psychology and neuroscience to:

  • Empower all staff to manage their workload and the demands of their roles 
  • Build Psychological safety
  • Learn the skills of courageous conversations
  • Build a common language 
  • Develop shared strategies for wellbeing
  • Contribute to a school-wide culture of wellbeing


School leaders tell me they love my approach to staff wellbeing because: 

  • it is not a pre-set program
  • it is tailored to each school’s unique culture
  • it is achievable and practical for staff
  • it is evident that, as a teacher and school leader, I know how schools work.


Key features include:

  • Professional Learning
  • Team Coaching
  • Leadership team collaboration


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