This week I received a powerful invitation.

It came from Jerry Colonna – one of my trusted teachers. In his book Reboot, Jerry extends an invitation to ‘Take your seat’, and he challenges his readers to ‘Sit in your leadership seat as if you have the right to be there’. 

For me, that invitation is scribbled on a post-it note right above my desk. And today I offer it to you as a post-it note to place wherever you’ll see it often. 

That little post it note sums up the inner work I do on myself : sitting as if I have the right to be there.

The stories I tell myself tell me I don’t have the right, and that I don’t have enough to be on that seat or standing in front of others, so I do the work.

The work for me is being aware of the stories I tell myself, the emotional hooks that snag me and the shame stories that crush me to a voiceless dot.

And that is most likely the work for you too, because we all have stories we tell ourselves.

Through doing the work we come to believe that we have a right to take our seat and to stand on our own sacred ground. Through that work of self awareness we also learn to take our seat and bravely stay in it, even when we feel our vulnerability pressing down on us . 

Take your seat.

Do the work. Keep doing the work. Be kind to yourself. Understand that you have stories, shame and vulnerability and, you are an incredible human, doing your very best.

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