My previous career was a daily mix of unexpected events and mundane, ‘someone’s gotta do it’ tasks; I never quite knew what would eventuate each day. Some days and some moments revealed themselves to be significant turning points.

One afternoon, I was carrying out the everyday task of locking up all the buildings; walking around the workplace, thinking about the things I didn’t get done that day, wondering what to cook for dinner and trying to remember if there was any wine left at home. As I placed my key in the door of the gym, a question popped into my head that stopped in my tracks and shook me out of my daydreaming: as clear as a bell I heard the thought: ‘How many more times are you going to do this?’

That thought stayed with me. I can still hear it now and see the key going into the lock. That ordinary moment turned out to be extraordinary. That powerful question was one of the turning points that kickstarted a whole lot of reflection, curiosity and self-inquiry that eventually led to me founding Katrina Bourke Coaching.

Three years and hundreds of coaching conversations later, I’ve noticed that many of the women I work with have had their own ordinary moment that reveals itself to be an extraordinary turning point.

One of my clients was reflecting on her own significant turning points and summed it all up beautifully: “I’ve discovered that the universe will put it out there but you need to be ready to catch it or notice it”

Here’s to extraordinary moments and turning points for us all…

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