Thrill of the week for me was when one of my favourite leadership teachers responded to me on Twitter. Yep, for just a few minutes at least, Jerry Colonna knew I existed and made time to interact with me. What a grown-up fangirl moment!

Like all good teachers, he used his words well. And like a good coach, he gave me something to think about and reflect on in relation to my own leadership.

His words of wisdom to me were: ‘Broken-open hearts lead best’.

When Jerry talks about ‘broken-open’ hearts, he doesn’t necessarily mean broken-hearted. He’s talking about what it’s like to peel back the layers of yourself, to deepen your self awareness, to understand that you are an imperfect human with all sorts of strengths and gifts and a whole lot of unhelpful behaviours, habits and thoughts. In his words broken-open hearts belong to leaders who have done the work to unearth and to own ‘the glory of you and the mess of you’.

In times of uncertainty and change we can come face-to-face with our glory and our mess daily. And it’s hard to stay still with that. As humans we want to hide the mess or clean it up and just let the glory shine. 

But we need glorious and messy leaders. We need imperfect humans who are ok with making mistakes. Glorious, messy leaders inspire and delight others by showing that being human is being authentic and being imperfect is perfectly acceptable. 

Grab your complimentary copy of The Authentic Leader’s Manifesto. It’s a great guide to embracing your glory and messiness. 

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