‘We are so busy trying to convince other people that our life is perfect and easy, that we are not bringing to each other the heavy stuff we were meant to help each other carry.’  (Glennon Doyle)

I think there’s a flipside to Glennon’s statement: we convince ourselves that everyone around us has their shit together and so we keep quiet about our struggles because we believe that we are the only one who is not enough; not smart enough, not organised enough, not popular enough, just not enough. 

We believe we are not enough and we don’t want to let others in on our shameful secret so we keep quiet and we keep perpetuating the myth of perfection.

But not everyone and not all of the time.

A heartfelt thank you to those who courageously share their imperfections, I know you don’t feel brave, in fact you sometimes feel broken or like it’s the last and only option. 

When you are brave, when you speak the truth, those around you are liberated from the myth of perfection, even if it’s just for that moment.

Here’s the conversation with Glennon Doyle that I’m listening to right now that inspired these thoughts.


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