“My experience with Katrina Bourke Coaching has been incredibly enlightening. Katrina has the most incredible way of supportively guiding without being imposing.”

Anne-Marie, Melbourne 

“Katrina is a warm, supportive and welcoming coach. Her approach, whilst structured, allows you as a client to work through goals, processes and thinking in a logical way. I appreciated the recaps and opportunities to refocus throughout coaching sessions as ‘life’ often got in the way and it would have been easy to lose focus. I would highly recommend Katrina to support you through goal setting and self-exploration and pose questions that will shape your thinking and highlight possibilties.”

Donna, Canberra 

“Every session was tailored to my needs and I feel that I am more equipped with strategies to manage different situations at work and with life in general. Investing in this time was one of the best things I have done. You won’t be disappointed.”

Michele, Melbourne


“My manic rushing and busy-ness was soon replaced by  focused prioritising and doing the ‘little things’. Coaching has given me the tools I need to cope with all sorts of things, including my career goals, from a place of peace and wisdom, rather than from a perspective of ‘I should..’.”

Elissa, Ballarat


“I have read many texts, concepts and theories about self-development and awareness. However, all the books in the world wouldn’t come close to the knowledge I have gained through working with Katrina. At 31, I’ve never been so calm, regulated and content. I highly recommend Katrina.”

Rachel, Bendigo

“Katrina was definitely the right person at the right time of my life. My energy and enthusiasm has returned and I am so happy with the changes I’ve made and the lessons learned.”

Clare, Melbourne

“Working with my life coach Katrina has helped me to be more effective as a leader in my job, and now I feel more confident to take risks.”

Sally, Melbourne

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